Tony Bailey

Roles and Responsibilities

I support students to develop their use of a range of professional design applications such as Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop and lead student engagement to produce eye-catching, high-quality designs for print and a wide range of digital media.

During our sessions, students develop a clear understanding of process, technique and digital skills whilst also evolving unique and individual approaches to enrich particular briefs. Students are also introduced to develop self-criticism and to progress their skills working collaboratively as well as independently.

I am also part of the team developing our new ‘FabLab’ maker space and assist students who wish to explore additional techniques such as 3D modelling and printing.

I am currently focusing my professional development on teaching theory and am currently undertaking a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching.


My background in communication design was grounded in a career that began in the printing industry, before digital technology was unleashed upon the world. I hurriedly seized upon the freedom of expression that digital technology gives us all, empowering us all to develop our own communication skills.

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