Prof. George Stylios

Roles and Responsibilities

Textile/clothing interface, bringing fabric attributes in relation to garment machinery and garment design, e.g.: intelligent sewing environments; automated measurement systems; laser pucker; dynamic sewing penetration force measurement.
Textile/garment aesthetics, to define, predict and engineer superior fabrics and garments: predicting handle and drape with fabric properties incorporating perception; fabric and dynamic drape measurement system.
3D cloth drape with the creation of realistic 3D simulation and visualisation of garments worn by artificial humans who are digitally cloned and seen to perform “virtual wearer trials”;
SMART textiles: intelligent textile structures or fabrics made of shape memory materials woven and knitted for apparel, interior and technical textile uses;
SMART garments, incorporating sensors capable of wireless connections with the outside world: SMART vest for rehabilitation of patients.


I come from a textile business background in Greece and studied in the UK. I completed my postgraduate studies in Leeds and then went onto my MSc and PhD, which were funded by M&S and their suppliers. I completed my PhD in 1986 and became a lecturer in clothing at Bradford, and then became a fellow of the Science and Technology Agency in Japan in 1991 before returning to Bradford in 1992. I obtained my personal chair in industrial engineering systems at Bradford in 1994 whilst continuing research in textile objective measurement applied at the textile and clothing interface.

In 1999 I joined the School of Textiles and Design as Professor of Textiles and I’m currently Director of TechniTex and the Faraday Partnership in Technical Textiles. I have always been interested in the interface between textiles and clothing from a number of aspects and have centered the majority of my research around this area, bringing in sensors, control engineering and machine design.

You can view all my research here.

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