Dr Irini Pitsaki

Roles and Responsibilities

I am an Associate Professor in Design Thinking and Innovation. My work centres around applying creative thinking to the business context in order to improve organisational performance and enhance value proposition for clients, communities, and corporations. I am also the Research Ethics Coordinator for the School of Textiles and Design.

I am active among the international research communities in Design Thinking, Design Management, and Strategic Brand Management. I have been published in journals such as the Design Management Institute Academic Journal and have delivered talks at plenary sessions held at prominent conferences, among them, the Academic Design Management Conference 2011 at the University of Cambridge, and the Metamorphosis of Design Management 2012 at London College of Fashion. More recently, I was invited by the Yale School of Management and delivered a talk to MBA students and staff.


For several years, I acted as Postgraduate Studies Programme Leader at the School of Design at Northumbria University, an institution known for its accomplished students and the calibre of its alumni, among them, Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Design at Apple) and Tim Brow (CEO and President of the globally leading creative consultancy IDEO and pioneer in Design Thinking). At Northumbria, I led the MA Design, MA Design Management, and MA in Fashion Management Programmes.

The programmes and courses I have led place a strong emphasis on forward-thinking organisations and the roles that creatives play in shaping strategy and innovation therein. In my courses, I take a broad and open-minded approach to design and use creative methodologies that help students develop innovation skills through interdisciplinary projects with industrial partners. Among the collaborations of Northumbria School of Design postgraduate programmes are GANT, Jigsaw, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and NHS. These collaborations have served to produce value for organisations, strengthen students’ practical skills, and foster stronger ties between the university and the creative and industrial firms in its immediate vicinity.

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