Dr Danmei Sun

Roles and Responsibilities

Dr Danmei Sun teaches undergraduate and postgraduate taught students in the area of Textile Technology, specialising in Fibres, Yarns, Weaving, Printing and Finishing techniques, and Smart Textiles and Apparel.

Dr Sun’s research group currently incorporates one Post-Doctoral Research Associate, three PhD students as first supervisor and four others as second supervisor. Her research interests cover the following areas:

  • Functional fibres, polymers and fabrics
  • Engineering design 2D/3D fabric structures for technical textiles and performance garments
  • Finite Element Analysis of textile materials, structures and properties
  • Thermal behaviour of textiles, thermal regulating textiles
  • Impact mechanisms of textiles
  • Plasma Treatment of textile materials for various application such as to impart a new surface of a fabric and to improve Dyeing, Printing and Finishing processes
  • 3D Printing of fashion and textiles


Dr Danmei Sun is an Associate Professor of Textile Materials & Engineering at the School. She obtained BSc degree in Textile Engineering from Qingdao University. She then worked in a large-scaled textile manufacturer for 12 years as Textile Engineer, before pursuing a PhD in plasma treatment of textile materials at Heriot-Watt University.

Dr Sun conducted research on textile properties and processes affected by plasma surface modification for her PhD project.  Following her PhD completion, she became a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant working on a three-year MOD (UK) funded project at the School of Materials, Manchester University. The research involved 2D/3D fabric development for improved ballistic performance and Finite Element Modelling to understand the mechanisms of body armour impacted by projectiles.

Since joining the School as an Assistant Professor in 2010, Dr Sun has been extensively involved in research of development of smart/functional textile materials for thermal regulated garment, thermal analysis of textile using Finite Element Method and development of shock absorbing polymers for anti-ballistic application. Her research interests lie in the areas of functional fibres/filaments for smart textiles, eco-friendly printing and dyeing, anti-ballistic materials for soft body armour, Modelling and Predication of textile properties through Finite Element Analysis, Constructed and Printed 3D structures, and surface modification of textile materials using plasma technology. As Principal Investigator she has succeeded research funding from various funding bodies such as CDE/MoD, Scottish Funding Council, Oil and Gas and Innovation Centre, Harris Tweed, Textiles Future Forum, etc.

Dr Sun has served as external examiner for PhD thesis in universities both in the UK and internationally. She is a Member of Fiber Scoiety, and Editorial Board Member of Journal of Industrial Textiles, Journal of Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics, Advance Research in Textile Engineering, International Journal of Textile and Fashion Technology, and Journal of Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering.

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