Dr Britta Kalkreuter

Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Contextual Studies.

External Examiner BA (Hons) Textile Design Pearl Academy India for Nottingham Trent University since 2013.


Qualifications and honours

  • 2013 Invitation to Research Achievement Reception (HWU)
  • 2010 Most valued teacher award (HWU)
  • HEA member since 2001
  • 1998 PhD, Cologne University: “Boyle Abbey and the School of the West in Ireland”. Research undertaken at the Universities of Cologne and Dublin
  • 1994 DAAD scholarship for PhD field study in Ireland
  • 1993 Magister Artium, Cologne
  • 1990‐1991 scholarship at Trinity College Dublin (Art History, History)
  • 1987‐1993 Cologne University Germany (Art and Design History, History, German Literature.)

Past roles

  • Director Learning and Teaching, School of Textiles and Design, 2013‐2015
  • Director of Postgraduate Studies, School of Textiles and Design, 2008‐2010
  • Postgraduate Research Student Coordinator, School of Textiles and Design, 2007 to 2010
  • Chair of the ELIR review for Languages, School of Management and Languages, Heriot‐ 
Watt University, 2006
  • Co‐author and panel member for the ELIR reflective analysis and review at Heriot‐Watt University, 2006 to 2007
  • Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Textiles and Design, Heriot‐Watt University, 2003‐2006
  • Internal member of the Interview Panel for Depute Director of EDU at Heriot‐Watt University, 2005
  • Internal member for the Internal review of the MSc in Logistics at Heriot‐Watt University, 2004
  • Member of School of Textiles and Design re‐location/ co‐location working group 2004
  • External member of UHI BA (Hons) Textile Design Course Validation Panel, Shetland 
February 2004
  • Member of Senate (Council), Heriot‐Watt University, 2002‐2005
  • PGSC (now PSC) School representative, 2000 to 2002 and again 2007‐2012
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, DAAD Lecturer, 1997‐1998
  • Universität zu Köln, Student‐assistant to Prof. Binding, 1992‐1993

Funding (recent)

  • February 2011: £1000 Creative Industries Grant from the British Council (PI)
  • June 2011: £3000 Indian research links grant from the British Council (PI)
  • September 2011: internal: £70000 3 year CDI PhD studentship (PI with Prof Chantler, MACS)
  • February 2012: £56800 ReSIde grant from Creative Scotland (PI)
  • September 2012: £3000 UKIERI second phase/ Staff Exchange strand (PI)‐ with IICD (Jaipur) to continue research project into knowledge exchange in design interventions


  • Primary supervisor of 17 PhD students (1 collaborative CDI visual feedback for design with MACS, 2 knowledge management in design) with two more accepted in design semantics area for study from spring 2013.
  • Some 80 MA and MSc projects supervised since 2002, leading to successful PhD applications in area of contextual studies and design technology interface.


  • Lo, J, B Kalkreuter and L MacIntyre, 2016,Investigating Markers of Authenticity: The Weavers’ Perspective Insights from a Study on Bhutanese Hand‐woven Kira Textiles in Textile The Journal of Cloth and Culture May 2016
  • Robb, D, T Methven, S Padilla, B Kalkreuter, M Chantler (2016) A Picture Paints a Thousand Words but Can it Paint Just One?
  • Conference Paper June 2016 DOI: 10.1145/2901790.2901791
    Conference: DIS’16: Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems pp. 959‐970, At Brisbane, Australia
  • Robb, D, Kalkreuter, B, Chantler, M & Padilla, S 2015, ‘Moodsource:: Enabling Perceptual and Emotional Feedback from Crowds’. in CSCW ’15 Companion., ACM 978‐1‐4503‐2946‐0/15/03, Vancouver.DOI: 10.1145/2685553.2702676
  • Kalkreuter, B & Greru, CB 2014, ‘Makers in the classroom: Understanding ‘the real making of true practice’ through craft collaborations’ Making Futures: Interfaces between craft knowledge and design: new opportunities for social innovation and sustainable practice., vol 3
  • Robb, D, Kalkreuter, B, Chantler, M & Padilla, S 2014, ‘Crowdsourced Visual Design Feedback Through Designers’ Eyes’
  • Kalkreuter, B & Greru, CB 2014, ‘Local needs and Global desires’ Paper presented at Global Fashion Conference‐Rethinking Fashion and Textile, Ghent, Belgium, 20/11/14 ‐ 21/11/14
  • Greru, CB & Kalkreuter, B 2014, ‘Match Making: Broadening cultural exchange opportunities through digital access to crafts’
  • Kalkreuter, B, Robb, D, Padilla, S & Chantler, M 2013, ‘Managing creative conversations between designers and consumers’. in Futurescan 2: Collective Voices. pp. 1, FUTURESCAN , Sheffield, United Kingdom, 10‐11 January
  • Kalkreuter, B, Robb, D & Hawari, S 2013, ‘More from us and less from you’
  • Robb, D, Kalkreuter, B & Chantler, M 2013, ‘Automatic visual summarisation of image‐based feedback for crowdsourcing’ Paper presented at ACM, Barcelona, Spain, 23/10/13 ‐ 25/10/13
  • Kalkreuter, B 2013, ‘Artisans in the class room: understanding ‘the real making of true practice’ through craft collaborations’ Paper presented at Making Futures, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 26/09/13 ‐ 27/09/13
  • Kalkreuter, B 2013, ‘HeadCrowd Praxisbericht’. in Wer gestaltet die Gestaltung: Praxis, Theorie und Geschichte des partizipatorischen Designs. Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld
  • Robb, D & Kalkreuter, B 2013, ‘Computing visual selection interfaces and precis’ computing
  • Kalkreuter, B 2013, ‘Knowledge exchange in the crafts: comparative case studies from India and Scotland’ Journal of Modern Craft
  • Huang, C‐Y, Kalkreuter, B & Forster, S 2013, ‘Using ‘Sculptural Form Giving’ as an Intermediate Step to gaining a High Accuracy Pattern More Directly from a Creative Design Sketch’ The Nordic Textile Journal, vol 2013
  • Kalkreuter, B & Robb, D 2012, ‘Visual Feedback for Design’ The Nordic Textile Journal, vol 1, pp. 70‐81
  • Kalkreuter, B & Robb, D 2012, ‘There’s a crowd in my Head’. in International conference Paper for Fashion Tales 2012, Universita Cattolica del Sacre Cuore, Milan
  • Kalkreuter, B 2011, ‘Visual communication for participatory design’ Paper presented at DGTF Who designs design, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany, 21/10/11 ‐ 23/10/12
  • Kalkreuter, B, Vettese Forster, S & Huang, YC 2011, ‘Relating innovative 2D ideas into 3D garments, in terms of structure, using ‘Sculptural Form Giving’ as an intermediate step in creation’ Paper presented at iJADE Conference 2011 ‐ The Centrality of Art, Design and the Performing Arts to Education, Chester, United Kingdom, 6/10/11 ‐ 7/10/11
  • Kalkreuter, B 2011, ‘Exploring a multi‐sensory experience:: Representations of vernacular architecture on Textiles’ Paper presented at Vernacular architecture, Liverpool University , United Kingdom, 24/06/11 ‐ 26/06/11
  • Vettese Forster, S, Kalkreuter, B & Huang, YC 2011, ‘Relating innovative 2D ideas into 3D garments, in terms of structure, using ‘Sculptural Form Giving’ as an intermediate step in creation’ Praxes Design Journal, vol 5, pp. 104 – 121

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