David Cavallaro

Roles and Responsibilities

I have recently transitioned into teaching as my purpose is to share my skills, values, and my up to date industry knowledge with my students by inspiring, supporting, and developing their potential in the requested subject areas. I concentrate on current industry demands whilst also focusing on problem-solving skills to address critical environmental, economic, and social issues (sustainability).

The Textile and Design industries will always require operators, workers, and cutting-edge thinkers. Current students will be the ones to shape, innovate, and set the upcoming trends and demands.

My colleagues and I are working hard every day to support, inspire, and teach our students. In return, I am lucky to see them flourish and I am proud of every single student. I hope all our hard work helps them reach their goals, career aspirations, and dreams.


I started drawing comics and illustrations at the age of 4 and I’ve never stopped since. My artistic attitude and passion for design were passed on from my father, who during his illustrious career as a cabinetmaker and his experience in tailoring, gave me the background and motivation to prove myself in the fashion world.

I began my studies focusing on technical drawing qualifying in mechanical engineering (Industrial Design) and furthering my studies by graduating at the Accademia Della Moda in Napoli (Italy) in Fashion Design & Product Coordination. Since then, I have strengthened my knowledge by completing two fundamental courses in Social Media & Digital Marketing. My studies have provided a solid base and helped me combine my creative skills with my technical ones in order to reach the highest standards.

As a creative individual, I have been fortunate, thanks to my passion and determination, to experience and relish the diversity of both the Fashion and the Design Industry from multinational corporations to small independent labels.

During the last 18 years, I have built a long and important industry experience working and collaborating with hundreds of international companies. I have created and launched various Brands, founded a Design Agency, and covered various industry positions (starting as a Designer and rapidly working my way into high-end managerial roles).

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