Dr Aude Le Guennec

Roles and Responsibilities

Assistant Professor in Fashion.

Director of Fashion Studies.

YAS, FHEA, PhD, MPhil, PGCap.




I’m a fashion anthropologist and was appointed as the Director of Fashion Studies at the School of Textiles and Design in 2013. From my academic background and first career as a Fashion curator, I’ve developed a specific interest in the material culture and the way it informs society. Specialising in children’s fashion, I have completed a PhD at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, addressing the role of Fashion in Children’s Socialisation and Education.

I’m extensively published and regularly invited to present my conception of Fashion and the Material Culture at international conferences (ICOM Costume, Costume Colloquium Florence, Peloponnesian Costume Society, British Costume Association, Global Fashion Conference…), as well as in the context of my missions as a visiting lecturer (University of Angers, France).

Involved in international and interdisciplinary research groups focusing on childhood studies, fashion history and anthropology, I’ve recently been invited by the Scottish Government to bring my expertise in the development of a strategy for Scottish culture. As a member of the Young Academy of Scotland, I’m interested in developing innovative and interdisciplinary research, emphasising on the interactions between fashion and society.

As a freelance curator, I’ve set up exhibitions on children’s fashion, fashion heritage for renowned international museums. I’m currently curating “Dressed for School”, an original interdisciplinary research project, which will be presented in the French National Museum of Education in 2021. As a consultant for the children’s fashion industry, I assist designers and product managers in the implementation of branding and creative tools addressing the current fascination for DNA and fashion as heritage.

I’m interested in contributing to programmes and supervising MA and PhD research in children’s fashion, fashion and museums, fashion heritage and fashion anthropology.

You can view all my research here.

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