Alexander Bell

Roles and Responsibilities

I am the Associate Director of Studies for Combined Studies. This means that I look after the (thirty or so) Combined Studies students in the School, by constructing their individualised programmes; mentoring them over the academic year, and ensuring that they are able to graduate after their final semester. I am the Director of Academic Quality. The university has systems and procedures to ensure all our students receive the best possible academic experience. My job is to make sure this happens: this means I have to liaise with the academic and administrative staff on all sorts of issues and matters.


My background is in Science and Mathematics (I am both a qualified Secondary Teacher and FE College Lecturer).  I have taken an interest in Student Mentoring for all my academic career: my DipEd dissertation was on Developments in First Level Secondary School Guidance Policies. I took the Combined Studies job because I enjoy mentoring students: seeing how they develop academically and professionally during their degrees.  Combined Studies is interesting as we can devise really exciting combinations of subjects which (hopefully) match our students’ interests and ambitions.

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