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Designing knitted apparel by engineering the attributes of shape memory alloy.

-Racharl C.C. Winchester & George K. Stylios


Discusses how shape memory alloy can be engineered to provide new design concepts that enhance the aesthetic appeal of knitted textiles for apparel. It focuses on the range of techniques & processes used to accommodate the specific characteristics and requirements of the shape memory alloy and it describes a new approach to the overall design construct.



ballistic resistance; projectile-fabric impact animation; surface modification of body armour

Legacy of the Zeppelins: defining fabrics as engineering materials.

-Published by M. Issam Yousef & George K. Stylios


This paper explores the foundation of fabric mechanics and reveals that the discipline was pioneered in the early 1900s during the era of the zeppelins not by textile but by aeronautical engineers who wanted to predict the behavior of the outer shell of airships covered by fabric. The work of Haas is given particular attention in the context of his cloth model and in relation to the models of Ashenhurst and Peirce. This paper establishes a timeline of the early work on fabric mechanics by Ashenhurst, Armitage, Haas, Barker and Peirce. It shows with clarity, the differences and similarities of these early cloth models and it concludes that although our gratitude is due to all of these men for their unquestionable contributions, it was the aeronautical engineers who identified the conditions for the need of predicting fabric behaviour and it was Haas’ cloth model in particular that laid the first foundation stone of this field.




Designing Nanofibres – A designer’s approach on such an important technology.

– Priscila Borges Franco, MSc

Looks at producing an interface between design and technology. When materials are nanosized, they have the tendency to display properties and functions that deviate strongly from the corresponding features known from the same materials on a macroscopic scale.