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Our BA (Hons) Fashion Communication students’ debuted their contemporary club wear at Museum Late: Rip It Up on Friday 16 November in Edinburgh. The event featured music from two of the exhibition’s featured bands, along with bars, food, themed activities and a chance to explore the museum after dark.


The students’ have used Rip It Up: The Story of Scottish Pop and its rich reference points to inspire and underpin new ideas for contemporary fashion imagery and styling.

The exhibition, which showcases the link between music, art and fashion, introduced our millennial students to a new and wide variety of artists, musical genres and youth cults, while highlighting communication in a pre-digital age, from DIY fanzine and poster design to letter writing.



They’ve combined their research into the images of the bands and artists featured in the Rip It Up exhibition, with the ideology of Club Kids and the concept of spontaneously making an outfit for a night out, to inspire their own ideas for contemporary club wear.

Programme Director, Theresa Coburn, has written a blog on the National Museum Scotland website about the experience. Plus a follow-up blog interviewing the students.

Our students benefit from working on live projects as it really hones their skills for the workplace and encourages teamwork.

“We were delighted to collaborate with Heriot-Watt Fashion Communications students on our Museum Late event which was inspired by our Rip It Up exhibition.  After visiting the exhibition and meeting the project team, the students conducted research on how Scottish pop artists have created unique pop looks. The students designed their own contemporary styles based on this research which they then showcased at the Museum Late event attended by nearly 1,400 people. The end result took us by surprise – the students’ creativity and professionalism exceeded our expectations and added a pop glamour to the evening.”  Lee McCulley, National Museum Scotland.

Scroll down for more wonderful images of the styling…


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