We are able to extrude our own filaments (melt spinning) from polymer chips using:

  • Extrusions Systems Ltd (ESL) Bench-top screw extruder, which has a specialist mix head that eliminates the need for master batching (compounding).
  • Ram Extruder
  • Labspin Screw Extruder with air or water cooling facilities

Filaments can be drawn in the same workshop using our ESL Draw Frame, which has been specially constructed with 4 rollers with independent speed and temperature controls, hotplates and heated pin for the modelling of draw conditions, then wound on our Leesona Winders.

We regularly extrude mono-filaments, flattened filaments (tapes) and multi-filaments in a range of colours and cross-sectional shapes.

Recently we have been focussing on filament sustainability by extruding biodegradable and annually renewable polymers but have also worked with ‘traditional’ synthetics such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene.