Slowing Down Fast Fashion

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We are very pleased to invite you to the screening of ‘Slowing down fast fashion’, winner of ‘Best fashion documentary 2016’ at the London Fashion Film Festival; on Wednesday 15th March at 1.30pm in the small lecture theatre. The film will be introduced by Sheila-Mary Carruthers, international fashion and textiles consultant, and she will also host a short discussion after the film.

slowing down fast fashion

Alex James, Blur bassist-turned cheesemaker, presents this critical look at the fashion industry, and its enormous human and environmental cost. Far from predicting the apocalypse Slowing Down Fast Fashion seeks to provide solutions. By talking to designers, activists, and high street brands the film shows that there is a wide-ranging and ever-growing thirst for change as consumers start to look at clothes the way they look at food.
‘We now live in a disposable clothes society. We’re wearing more man made fibres and buying more than clothes than ever before. Alex James is on a mission to discover why. From the environmental impact to back to the natural alternatives. He asks can anything slow down fast fashion?James takes a closer look at the fashion industry, and how consumers’ seemingly unquenchable thirst for cheap clothing is having a huge effect on the environment and workers, both at home here in the UK and abroad. As you can imagine, this means he gets to travel to all manner of glamorous locations, from New York to London and Heriot Watt School of Textiles and Design, Galashiels’
Nicholas Coleridge, Chairman of The Campaign for Wool said: ‘This is a profoundly important film which must be watched by anyone who cares about the future of planet earth.  We are delighted it has the recognition it deserves.’
In the documentary, James also talks with fashion industry figures including Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Raeburn, British Fashion Council chief executive officer Caroline Rush, Condé Nast International president Nicholas Coleridge and executives from Marks & Spencer, Topman and John Lewis.

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