We have 2 dedicated dye labs for the colouration of both production and developmental/research samples of fibre, yarn and/or fabric. The laboratories are stocked with a wide range of dyes and are supported by an expert dyeing technician. The laboratories contain:

  • 3 x Purvis dyeing machines for dyeing loose stock wool/animal fibres up to 1 kg. These can also be used to dye up to 2kg of woollen or worsted yarn.
  • 2 x Hank dyeing machines for dyeing up to 5kg of wool, cotton or viscose yarn.
  • 1 x Pattern winch for dyeing between 2-5 metres of fabric. Fabric can be wool, silk, cotton or viscose.
  • 1 x sample steamer and oven to fix dyes prints and finishes.
  • Light box for colour matching/assessment.

We can dye most natural and man-made (but not synthetic) fibres/yarns/fabrics from samples of 5g to 1kg of loose fibre, 5g-5kg of yarn or 5g-5m of fabric.